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Natassia Mcmahon

Lost 16kgs in 6 Months
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Client from Drummoyne

Before Natassia McMahon (before)
After Natassia McMahon (after)

Natassia started at Vision after being upset about how she looked and felt at her 50th birthday party. 6 months and 15kgs later, she's considering having the party again! Have a read of what Tash said when asked about her journey.

"After many years of battling my up again down again waistline, it took just one photo to know something needed to be done. It was that very moment, I recalled a work colleague from years ago who had an incredible success story & the name of the gym stuck in my mind.

And so, the next day, without hesitation I submitted an online enquiry. Full well knowing I was in now, someone would have to contact me & I told myself not to back out.

I met with Jennie, her genuine empathy to my situation, and her positivity towards me had me signing immediately.

I was assigned a PT, and from there my life changed. Brad is fabulous. He keeps me on track, with both food and exercise. He is motivated and encouraging. He is also patient and thankfully doesn't mind my whinging  (well at least he never says).

Walking into a gym must make you feel happy & determined at the same time. VPT drummoyne with their incredible crew, make that happen & the result is happy clients. I'm one of them, in 6 months the weight dropped 16kg. I cannot recommend them highly enough, crediting them totally with my new lease on life. Happy, healthy and at my goal weight. Thank you Brad and vpt drummoyne."


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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