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John & Anna Edwards

Drummoyne Duo Sheds Weight and Gains Confidence at Vision PT
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Drummoyne | Trainer: Meggan Hastings & Taz Qanber Ali

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John and Anna Edwards are celebrating a double victory after transforming their health and fitness at Vision Personal Training Drummoyne. The couple embarked on their journey together and have shed a combined weight of 27kg!

Realising they needed a change, both John and Anna were tired, lacked energy, and felt uncomfortable. They weren't looking for a quick fix but a sustainable lifestyle change.

Vision PT Drummoyne's personalised approach was key. Trainers created a nutrition plan that fit their preferences and gradually introduced low-impact exercises like walking and resistance training. The support and guidance from the trainers made a huge difference, keeping them motivated and accountable.

The weight loss is just one aspect of their transformation. John and Anna boast increased energy levels, improved sleep, and a newfound confidence. They're more active now, enjoying hikes and exploring the outdoors together. Feeling fantastic, this journey has been empowering, and they're excited to see what the future holds.

Congratulations John and Anna, you're an inspiration!

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