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Teressa Quinn

Teressa 14kg Stunning Weight Loss at Vision Drummoyne: Diet, Strength & Energy Reboot!
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Client from Drummoyne | Trainer: Taz Qanber Ali

Before Teressa-Before
After Teressa-After

Teressa hadn't felt this good in years. Stepping onto the scale at Vision Personal Training Drummoyne, a triumphant smile spread across her face. 14kgs lighter and brimming with energy, she was a far cry from the sluggish woman who walked through the door months ago.

It wasn't easy. Unhealthy habits and a sedentary job had taken their toll. But Teressa was determined. Her trainer, Taz, crafted a personalised plan that addressed both diet and exercise. Gone were the processed snacks and sugary drinks, replaced with a rainbow of fresh produce and lean proteins. Learning about portion control and healthy meal prepping became a game-changer.

At first, resistance training felt intimidating. Taz, however, made it fun and approachable, gradually increasing the intensity as Teressa grew stronger. Light cardio sessions – brisk walks along the bay or fun group classes – added another layer to her routine. The initial soreness gave way to a newfound strength and confidence.

The weight loss was a bonus. Teressa noticed a shift in her entire well-being. Daily tasks felt easier, her mood soared, and she had the energy to run again. Vision Personal Training Drummoyne wasn't just about the gym; it was about a complete lifestyle transformation. Teressa was no longer just a client; she was part of a supportive community cheering her on every step of the way. Now, she's an inspiration, ready to share her story and help others embark on their own journeys to a healthier, happier them.

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