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Narelle Thompson

I shed 15kg after having my baby and feel amazing!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Before Narelle Thompson (before)
After Narelle Thompson (after)

Vision was a major player in helping me reach my goals and have whilst fun doing it! All my adult life, even my teens I had struggled with weight and tried all the fad diets that existed. I joined gym after gym wherever I lived in the hopes that it would magically work. I wanted to be a runner! My first realisation that I needed to get my butt into gear and do something came when I watched footage of me crossing the finish line of my first City 2 Surf race. I was horrified!!


I looked like something out of the walking dead! I knew I needed to find a suitable program that would fix that, help me get fit and healthy and be able to run without looking like that!


My house mates at the time were going to Vision and they always looked fit and healthy and it seemed so easy to sustain. They were motivated to go every day and followed a healthy eating plan that didn't leave them complaining of hunger. They enjoyed it, were committed and often attended social events and made some great friends. 


I contacted Vision Bondi Junction for my first appointment and never looked back. That was a long time ago now and I have enjoyed every bit of the journey. I was totally out of my comfort zone but soon enough I was turning up to classes and sessions with joy and confidence. Even surprised myself by turning up to 7am Saturday run club each week!! 1 year after that I was back running the City 2 Surf in a much better condition and loads of confidence. I knocked 20mins off my original time and felt good after!!


Since then I have completed numerous running events and even completed my first ever half marathon. I continued to get fitter and got down to a much more desirable size for my wedding! Not long after my wedding I successfully continued with my Vision program through my pregnancy and bouncing back after baby was born. During pregnancy I gained some extra weight so getting back into the Vision program 3 months after was a sanity savour! 


I shed 15kg after having my baby and feel amazing! I'm happier, stronger, more confident and can fit back into the clothes I feel good in! The support from the trainers and the Vision community has been a huge influence in my healthy living and fitness journey. Best of all the Vision PT program is sustainable. I've been given the tools for a lifelong healthy living lifestyle!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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