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Mitch Brown

Visible 6-pack
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Pyrmont

Before Mitch Brown (before)
After Mitch Brown (after)

Ever since joining Vision Personal Training I have not only transformed my body but also my whole attitude towards life. It was an honest look in the mirror one day and a strange addiction to cheeseburgers which first made decide that what I wasn't good enough for myself or the people around me.

I joined up to Vision Personal Training Pyrmont the next week where my trainer gave me honest and an upfront assessment. An instant bond of respect and friendship formed that day and with my trainer's guidance my transformation begun. Within six weeks I already started to know notices big losses in fat and obvious gains in muscle mass. These days I have more energy than ever before. I once hated the thought of having to exercise, now my days feel incomplete without it. And best of all I have finally got the six pack I have always wanted.

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