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Matt Bonny

16 Kilograms
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Client from Bangor

Before Matt Bonny (before)
After Matt Bonny (after)

Twelve months ago, I came back from Europe weighing my heaviest at 98KG.

I have always been reasonably fit but hadn't ever been to a gym, I just maintained good eating habits, walked and being a builder had enough physical activity to keep me that way.

After my trip I didn't feel good about myself and my knees were consistently sore. I wanted to lose weight, get fitter, stronger, healthier and have more shape and definition to my body. I decided it was time to shed the kilos.

I had never set foot into a gym, I was assigned a Personal Trainer and from the onset felt welcome and accepted within the Studio. Josh as my PT and fitness partner had me doing things I'd never thought possible, the more I achieved the more I challenged myself.  

To be honest I had no choice, Josh had me running faster, lifting heavier and reaching my goals quickly. Before long I was entering fun runs and doing personal best times. I am actively involved within group training sessions, have made new friends and feel part of a great community. As a result of my hard work and dedicated team I am now 16kg lighter happier and healthier. 

I'm now training for my first Half Marathon.

Thank you, Vision Bangor, for pushing me and helping me to achieve a much better fitter lifestyle attitude.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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