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Marivic Mooney

I have been able to complete several treks and climbs
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Client from Bangor

Marivic Mooney (after)


I have been with Vision Bangor since 2009. Throughout my time at the Bangor Studio I have achieved some weight loss goals but more importantly to me were my lifestyle goals.

Over the last 8 years I have had various surgeries and injuries and the team at Bangor have always been able to keep me training and mobile. Whether it was my wrist(surgery), knee or hips the training was adapted to suit because my Trainer was willing to work in with my physio's exercises and recovery plan.

Exercise and mobility has always won over training specifically for weight loss because as my situations have changed over time due to family commitments, I find that just being in the studio environment very encouraging and a great de-stressor.

It has been through the  flexible and knowledgeable approach to my Personal Trainer at the Bangor Vision studio that made these goals achievable.

I have been able to complete several treks/climbs:
Everest Base Camp (5350m)2015, Kala Patah (5640m) 2016, Valetta (Spain 3200m), Rotstock (Switzerland 2600m ) 2013 and most recently a 3hr vertical Via Ferrata climb in Kandersteg (Switzerland) 2017.

Thanks Vision Bangor for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that is full of choice no matter your fitness level, age or goals.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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