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Jason Corbett

"I knew I needed to change the direction of my life."
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Client from Blakehurst

Before Jason Corbett (before)
After Jason Corbett (after)

6 months ago I walked into Vision Personal Training Blakehurst. I was 45yrs old, 125kg....lazy, unmotivated and unhappy with life in general. I knew I needed to change the direction of my life, but couldn't develop the discipline and didn't have the support or tools to get there. Not being a gym person, I had no idea how to use a gym and was often intimidated by them. Over the last 6 months I have been able to completely transform my life. The team at Vision Blakehurst have been amazing and all the other fantastic people there, I have lost 21.6kg...and counting. I have redeveloped my love of running and have started doing runs I never thought I would do again. I have been given knowledge around my eating habits and have been shown that gyms aren't scary places. Through the never ending support of my Personal Trainer, I have developed the discipline and have reclaimed my life...feeling fitter and healthier than I ever have. I am in total debt to the wonderful team at Vision and would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the position I was in.  


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