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Jean Pierre Karam

" I decided that it was time for change"
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Client from Blakehurst

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Jean-Pierre Karam testimonial:

Throughout my life, I searched for different ways to help me lose weight. I had never been the skinny kid or the fit kid in school, or in any given situation. All my life I was just a kid who had a real passion for food however this passion was far outweighed by the passion I had for physical activity and exercise. I have been called names before and even some nights been very upset about my weight and the way I looked and nothing really changed. I tried so many things to make me lose weight because to be quite honest it wasn't the way I wanted to look and feel for the rest of my life.

Fast track to October 2016 and I had been informed that I had to undergo a serious operation which meant I had to cease all forms of physical activity, even walking, for the following 5 months. As a result, I became very depressed as I knew it was going to be so long before I could do the one thing I truly loved. I became to let go of my eating and became a couch potato that gained a whole 25 kilograms, and weighed in at a whopping 130 kilograms, and if I was upset about my weight before this was a whole new level. I then wanted to fulfil my dreams of changing people's lives through improving their health, so I set out to complete my certificate III and IV in fitness. Towards the end of completing the course, I decided that it was time for change; I was emotionally ready to take on any challenge that faced me and overcome any adversity. So, I set out to lose the 25 kilograms gained and an extra 5 to get me down to 100 kilograms. I proceeded to lose 15 of those kilograms on my own but then began to reach a plateau. Then I found Vision.

I met the director, Shane at Vision Personal Training Blakehurst and started to talk about what Vision is all about and instantly I loved it, we agreed to start training right away, I started my initial 9 weeks on the 12th of May 2017, with the goal of losing 15 kilograms, and the excitement was real. Vision taught me so much more than I could possibly have known, from exercising the right way to managing my nutrition and eating the right way in order to optimise success. I was so happy with all the information I was receiving and overwhelmed in a good way about how much more knowledgeable I was becoming. 9 weeks later I not only hit the goal, I smashed it. I currently weigh in at 98.8 kilograms, the lightest I've weighed in years!

As well as achieving my goal, I also achieved my dream of changing people's lives through improving their health, as I now work at Vision Personal Training Blakehurst. I really believe Vision changed my life for the better and made me enjoy life a lot more than I ever could've imagined, I will undoubtedly continue to improve with Vision. Vision allowed me to immerse myself in not only a Studio setting but a community setting where everyone in the studio has a bright smile on their face as soon as they walk through the front door because they knew that this was like home. I have created everlasting friends here whilst making a better version of myself.

I never could've achieved my goal without all the support, from my family and friends to my workmates and everyone at Vision Blakehurst. I really couldn't have done it without them; I will never forget what Vision Blakehurst has done for me, an amazing team of Trainers, an amazing community and an amazing network. I would recommend everyone to Vision Blakehurst as they really do change people's lives.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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