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Louise Kimber

9kgs lost and 5km running without stopping!
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Client from Prahran | Trainer: Austin Lawson


My Vision experience so far.

I am really just starting my journey with Vision Prahran so still getting into the swing of being part of a new community and trying out a few of the things the organization has to offer me. I have been a member since early March and when I look back in my diary around that time, it is chock full of notes and appointments regarding the sale of my mother’s house as she had just gone into aged care after a stressful Covid 2020 year of me caring for her in her own home.

By March this year, I realized I was not a spring chicken anymore (the big 6-0 came and went in June) and I had to start looking after me (I knew Mum was being cared for, my two ‘boys’ were now young men with families of their own and I would always have time to mind their darling children on a casual basis) but I decided I needed to get fitter, eat healthier, lose a few fatty kilos that had sneaked on during 2020 (sound familiar?) and increase my muscle strength and volume to give myself the best chance to live an active, healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

I had tried the big gyms before, thinking after a few introductory sessions I would then be able to commit to regular workouts by myself but my enthusiasm never lasted long and I was then back to square one. So although the Vision way may be more of an investment, I decided it was worth the extra to have a personal trainer (mine is the wonderful, committed and extremely patient Austin Lawson) to guide me through the ups and downs and give me the best chance to stay on top of things and keep committed long term. I believe my health is of paramount importance and if it takes a bit more of my finances to maintain it, it’s worth it. 

In the five months I have been with Vision I have achieved some very pleasing results. Statistically, I have lost 9 kilos so far; this has been a combination of losing fat and increasing muscle mass so has been a relatively slow and steady process. I am now able to run (albeit slowly) 5 kilometres consistently and I quite enjoy it too! I have modified my diet using the MyVision app which has taught me that I was previously eating far too many carbs (I love bread!) and not nearly enough protein in my daily diet. This realization means I have far less cravings for high sugar foods and my meals contain a lot more protein that is surprisingly satisfying. I am also drinking far less alcohol (Dry July participant!) and I don’t really miss it at all! Simple, minor and quite major changes have made such a difference to my overall health and attitude to maintaining the commitment to being as healthy as I can.

One of the things I like about Vision is the sense of community that I feel every time I walk up the steps or join a group activity. Not everyone who comes to the Studio want to say hi and that’s absolutely fine but I like the way the trainers all greet you by name and farewell you as you go. It’s just a little thing but it really is a lovely gesture that reminds you that you are welcome and have a right to be part of the group, no matter how insignificant you may feel to the whole organization. It’s something a gym membership can’t buy.

My defining moments so far are passing my initial goal weight and counting, getting to know some lovely people from all walks of life on the Saturday Walk Club, running 5km without walking, giving up alcohol completely for a month and perhaps forever, realizing that although I am entering the twilight years of my life, I can still achieve an enormous amount in terms of my fitness and strength and by setting goals, big and small, who knows what I can still achieve? If there was one piece of advice I would give someone in a similar situation to me, is to start slowly, don’t expect too much too soon because as you get older, everything takes longer, but persevere, believe in yourself and your Vision trainer and embrace the community of which you have become a part – it’s a great feeling when you achieve your goals. 

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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