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Lissa Knight

"I feel healthier , happier ,stronger and fitter."
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Bangor

Before Lissa Knight (before)
After Lissa Knight (after)

When I started at Vision , I was approx 10 kgs overweight . With 3 kids and working for myself full time , I had very little time or enthusiasm for nutrition and training. Playing netball was a chore as my fitness level was poor , along with my diet choices , quick fix meals were my go to, with a glass or two of wine . I have found the change in diet easy to adjust to , using the VVT , for recipe ideas and tracking my food daily has helped me realise where my nutrition was lacking before joining vision. I now enjoy training and even enjoy a sneaky glass of wine now and then. My trainer always keeps me motivated and accountable . I feel healthier , happier ,stronger and fitter. Oh .....and everyone comments on the change , it feels great.

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