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Liana Strangis

Completed Numerous Triathlons & Fun Runs Including Running A Full Marathon
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Client from Prahran

Before Liana Strangis (before)
After Liana Strangis (after)

I walked into Vision 5 years ago not knowing what to expect. For years, I had ignored the fact that I was putting on weight and didn't realise until I got on the scales at Vision for my 1st goal session with Nathan, how heavy I actually was. 

Being overweight seemed normal and I blamed genetics for a long time. At the age of 10 I was a size 10 at 16 a size 16 and just before I joined Vision I was trying to ignore that fact that I was actually size 26. I found it difficult to walk around a shopping centre because my legs would get extremely tired and it would take me 2 days to recover from a day of shopping. 

My family and close friends had tried to talk to me about the concerns they had about my weight but I didn't listen, I would ignore them and get angry & upset and very defensive.
I would hide what I was eating by eating in my car or hide in my bedroom.
Sometimes I would eat my fast food of choice on my way home from work late at night and my excuse would be that I needed it to keep me awake on the drive home, once I got home I would than eat the dinner that had been prepared for me even if I wasn't hungry because I didn't want anyone to know that I had already eaten.
I now realise how much of a bad relationship I had with food. I would eat when I was sad/stressed, I would eat when I was bored or I would eat just because I like the look of what someone else was eating.  

I'd tried all kinds of diets, I'd lose weight only to put it back on and I'd add a few more kilos. I even had a gym membership at one point. A friend and I would do an "aerobics" class a couple of times a week and rewards ourselves with coffee, cake and cigarettes at our favourite coffee shop once we were done.  
Life was very busy and in my spare time I loved to sit and watch TV and loved a good sleep in till lunch time. I always had 100 different excuses for not doing any exercise. 

I walked into Vision a very unhealthy, unmotivated, unfit and extremely overweight woman.

Since joining Vision I have lost over 60kg, I know right, I've lost the weight of a small person… my entire body shape has changed. I'm stronger, more confident, fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I feel better and have more energy at 42 than I did at 32 and I will confidently say that!

With Vision in my life I have met some of the most amazing people, learned lots about myself, achieved some amazing goals, ticked things off my bucket list and added things to my bucket list.
I'd always wanted to skydive but with a weight restriction of 100kg fully clothed that was never going to happen, in May 2013 I jumped out of a plane it was the most exhilarating feeling. 
Throughout the years, I have complete numerous triathlons and fun runs or varying distances. 
In October 2013, I completed a full marathon yup 42.2km in 6hrs 29min & 59sec… my goal was to complete it between 6.5 to 7hrs!!! That day I ran to celebrate life!!!

None of what I have achieved would have been possible without the support of the crew at Vision Prahran, especially my Trainer of 5years, Nathan.
Vision Prahran has a very unique culture where both clients and Trainers have a great time achieving goals together, it's not just a gym it's my home away from home.

Would I recommend Vision Prahran? 
Hell yeah!!! I have 100% faith in the Trainers and I believe they can help change the life of anyone who is ready to take that next step and wants to change their life. 

Vision has given me a brand new lease on life!!!

What advice would I give someone who is thinking about taking those first steps to changing their health and fitness???
Don't think about it "Just Do It" you will not regret it.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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