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Kristine Paikin

I have achieved my result, I feel amazing!
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Client from St Ives

Before Kristine Paikin (before)
After Kristine Paikin (after)

When first starting at Vision, I felt unfit and frustrated with my weight. I needed to improve on my energy levels and lifestyle habits. Weight loss and improved body image were always key.

My eating and exercise habits were the biggest change that I made at Vision. I now realise what impact the timing and type of food has on my body. My eating habits have done a total 360!

I find that nutrition seminars and boxing as well as constant contact with my Trainer, have helped the most in allowing me to achieve my result. My Trainer has helped me change my mindset about food and exercise. He has pushed me during sessions and while I've said "I can't do it", he does not take no for an answer - which is a good thing. He has also guided me with better in between meal snacks.

Now that I have achieved my result, I feel amazing! I am eternally grateful to him for pushing me and encouraging me. Even when I've not been in the mood to train, He's turned that around. My Trainer brings out the best in me and I always look forward to our sessions together. I now have more energy, my mood has improved and of course I'm enjoying the compliments!

My next big goal is to now recover after surgery and come back fitter than ever. I am now focussing on my core strength, tone and overall fitness. I am now wanting to challenge myself and in the process of looking up one of the Sydney walks to do with James.

- Kristine P

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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