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David Mumford

Finally Feeling Myself Again!
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Client from St Ives | Trainer: William Blanco Medina

David and Will Christian De Stoop

After hitting a milestone birthday and combined with the long hours sitting at the desk for work, the glass or three of wine accompanied with the obligatory snacks – there had to be a significant shift in what I prioritised.

I knew that this lifestyle change had to be driven by me, but I needed some guidance and accountability. This is where my Vision journey commenced.

Guidance for me related to the unknown of what equipment I should focus on, how to correctly use the equipment and which routines should I work through to achieve my personal targets.

Furthermore, guidance in nutrition and good food selection in replacement of my prior (less than ideal) meal choices. Accountability has been important to me in tracking my progress and linking to the positive (and manageable) changes to my food intake and exercise.

I have now just completed my first nine-week challenge check-in after making the positive decision that 2024 would be the start of my own personal journey and to make some concerted changes to my lifestyle - to be a healthier version of myself. In this very short period I’m already 6.5 kg down and couldn’t be happier with how I look and feel, my sleep quality and positivity.

My personal trainer, Will, has taken me under his wing from the start, believing in me and supporting me in my mindset to be a healthier version of myself and to continue with a realistic healthy lifestyle that I can move forward with.

Motivation for me comes from wanting to be there for the kids, to be more active and to take better care of my body. The epiphany moment came from two angles: firstly from looking back at the last several years of photos and how the weight had crept in, and secondly attending a Vision event at the end of last year and seeing the amazing journeys of other Vision members and saying to myself “I want this for me too”.

Being a qualified Engineer and Accountant I love process and structure. Relating this to my journey at Vision comes through knowing and feeling comfortable in ‘What I need to do” and “The likely outcome in setting and sticking to my goals”. That said, I’m all set and ready to achieve my next nine-week challenge and to reap the rewards of a revitalised version of me!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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