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Kristine De Santis

Lost 20kgs and ran a Marathon
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Client from Drummoyne

Before Kristine De Santis (before)
After Kristine De Santis (after)

One of the most inspirational ladies to ever walk through the Vision Drummoyne doors. Kristine came to Vision overweight and with low energy levels. She was worried she wouldn't have the energy to play with her dog, exercise with her family and her future grandchildren. 

Boy, did she surpass even her own expectations! She has gone on to lose 20kgs overall, start her running journey, meet life-long friends and in 2019, completed her very first Marathon! Her and 3 friends (affectionately known as the white hats) completed the Flinders Island Marathon in August 2019 after building up slowly from local 5kms, bay runs and running festivals. 

She explained to me that being a part of a community where there is never-ending support not only from trainers, but other members in the community and friends alike, has made all the difference. Her trainer (and son) Daniel has helped her along the journey and said to me: "Mum has slowly and consistently set herself small challenges - starting with changing her eating habits and introducing exercise weekly. She's now at the point where it's part of her lifestyle and something she actually enjoys! It's so great to see."

Congratulations Kristine, we're very proud of you!


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