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Kate Wilson

Down 8.5kg & Stronger & Happier Than EVER!
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Client from Frenchs Forest | Trainer: Alex Jellard


It is really difficult to distil into words the way joining Vision has made me feel. Although I have always played sport and loved exercise, I have never been a “gym person” despite trying it many times! After a number of consecutive injuries and being the heaviest I’d ever been, I needed to change something for a successful return to sport & exercise. So, I needed two things: rehabilitation and accountability. Vision provided me both of those things, and much more!

It might sound cheesy but from the moment I started at Vision, I felt like I had a whole team supporting me. Every trainer knew my name when I walked in the door, and they were genuinely friendly and welcoming (and so were the dogs!). As soon as I went to a class, people introduced themselves and showed me what to do. As I have spent more time at Vision, I have witnessed the amazing community feel this gym has. At previous gyms there was no personal connection, at Vision you feel like an important part of a special group. There are educational sessions, challenges, team event participation and social events. People are so excited to celebrate each other’s successes and goals. People usually associate gym-based goals with weight loss, but the great thing about Vision is that it is so much more than weight loss – and the trainers lead by example, by having their own fitness goals up in the gym for all to see.

The community vibe has helped me stay connected, but the personal support and encouragement from my trainer has without doubt, been the game-changer for me. Having someone focused on me and my goals has been instrumental to my success to date. Alex has provided me with the perfect mix of encouragement and accountability. He pushes me to achieve more but never at the expense of my confidence. He has delivered tough love when I needed it and celebrated my successes with me at other times. Most importantly, he has helped me stay consistent. I am feeling stronger than ever and I could not be happier. I feel more confident in sport and exercise because I know I am strong and I have prepared my body well – which is the best feeling ever! Thanks so much Vision Frenchs Forest and in particular, Alex!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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