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John Stirling

NZ Weight Loss Challenge Winner 2017
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Takapuna

John Stirling (after)


"When I stepped on the scales and my weight was 99 kg I knew I had to do something to avoid slipping into triple figures. Vision Personal Training Takapuna was that something.

I had been training with Vision Personal Training Takapuna for just over 5 months and I lost 7 kg. I am tracking nicely to my goal weight of 85 kg.

My Trainer along with the rest of the Vision PT Takapuna Beach team have helped and encouraged me to get fitter, improve my eating habits and ultimately lose the weight. I entered the 9 week Weight Loss Challenge and enjoyed watching my weight drop at each weekly weigh in. What I particularly enjoyed is the team approach to the challenge, the team includes the Trainers, the other members of Vision PT Takapuna Studio and me. The outcome of the challenge was that I won the NZ weight loss challenge and was honoured to represent Vision PT Takapuna in Australia as an overall weight loss challenge finalist. 

I am now on my new challenge, this is to run in the Auckland Marathon this year. Vision Personal Training has been a huge benefit to my life and so may it continue…

If you want to get fitter, make better food choices and lose weight then join a Vision Personal Training Studio, you won't regret it."

John Stirling


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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