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John Fedele

"I took my son’s advice to try and lose 20 kilos within 1 year, and it took only 7 months."
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Giuseppe Fedele

Before John-Before
After John-After

Wanted a change in his eating habits and everyday lifestyle for his wife and family!
Lost 20kgs within 7 months.
John is now feeling like he is 30 years old again, playing soccer again with his friends and having the discipline to stay consistent for the rest of his life!

Here is what John had to say:
"The reason I began my weight loss journey was looking at myself at my daughter’s wedding and realising how heavy I’ve become and how unhealthy I looked in front of my loved ones. I was thinking to myself “Do I continue to be like this or do I make a choice of having a better and healthier life?” So I took my son’s advice and challenge to try and lose 20 kilos within one year - which turned out to be 7 months. This helped me inspire my wife to start her journey alongside me which made it so much easier and healthier in every aspect and within our relationship. This has brought us closer and made our kids much happier in our success."

Well done John! We are very happy with the success you've had with your health and fitness. Looking forward to what is next!

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