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Joanna Else

Life before Vision was all about work and poor choices.
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Client from Prahran | Trainer: Lewis Teale


Life before Vision: Life before Vision was all about work and poor choices. I wasn’t making any time to look after myself.

What results have you achieved? I am feeling stronger and have more energy. You don’t realise what you can achieve when you have the support and guidance of a trainer. I am lifting weights I never thought I could lift. I'm also consistently losing weight each week as well. One of my main goals was to develop a routine – prioritising exercise and eating. Having the support of Lewis and utilising the Vision App has really helped me focus on getting into a routine.

How has life changed for you? Exercise is now a part of my rhythm, and I am really enjoying it. I have also learnt about nutrition and I am making smarter choices when it comes to food. I am also drinking less. Overall I just feel better about myself, I was super critical of my body and the poor choices I was making. Joining Vision has really changed my outlook – thanks Lewis!

What is your favourite thing about training at Vision? Lewis is awesome – He pushes me outside my comfort zone and I really enjoy our sessions. The rest of the Vision team are really friendly and supportive. All of the team know each and every client who train in Prahran. It is a holistic approach – it not just about diet or exercise – you set goals which help keep you focused. The App is great too.

What are some defining moments during your journey? I am not sure – I don’t think there has been 1 moment for me. I would say it was easy to introduce this change into my life. It doesn’t feel like hard work to achieve results – although if you ask me during a session, I would say its definitely hard work!

What advice would you give someone in a similar situation to where you were and thinking about making a change? It sounds cliché, but don’t wait. It took me 4-6 weeks of encouragement from a friend to finally get in touch – and I regret waiting that long. In my workplace, we ask each other all the time what was the best thing you purchased during lockdown, and for me, it was joining Vision.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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