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Jagoda Crawford

Lost Over 10kg
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Client from Bangor

Jagoda Crawford (after)


I joined Vision Bangor about 3 years ago, after my daughter, Caroline, had a dream that I died. In her effort to keep me around for a bit longer she MADE me join. I hadn't seen a doctor for some time, and as part of joining Vision, I needed a medical certificate. To my surprise (or maybe not) my blood pressure was high and my blood sugar level were well above average for which the doctor suggested medication. Being someone that doesn't like medication I asked how to avoid it.  The solution was to lose weight and change my diet. I was at the right place to do just that with the help of the Trainers at Vision. After losing over 10 kg, both my blood pressure and blood sugar level returned to normal, thus avoiding the medication!

Keeping up my Personal Training and participating in some of the group training sessions has ensured that I kept the weight off. Now I can go up the stairs at work without getting out of breath. Aside from the always smiling faces of the Trainers, attending the Studio sessions with members from my family has been revitalising. But, the most rewarding thing is that now I can go for short jogs with my family and our dogs. I could not have done it without the continuous encouragement from my wonderful family (including Steph's and Frank's enforcement) and the great Trainers at Bangor, particularly my marvellous Trainer Scott.

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