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Jacqui Williams

15kgs weight loss
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Client from Bangor

Jacqui Williams (after)

"Consistency. It's what we are all striving for in the current climate. For things to stop changing so rapidly and for life to feel normal, even when we know it isn't. Vision Bangor has done this for me.

Every Thursday and Friday morning there is Harry, my personal trainer, with a big smile on his face up on my big tv screen ready to train with me online. We chat through the never ending chaos of my week and he consistently gets me smiling by the end of our sessions.

It's like I'm not even working out. Just talking to a good friend, organising my food plan for the week, getting my head in the right space and working hard through my training session to help me achieve my goals. No need for crazy equipment. Harry keeps the activities simple, but sure knows how to make it burn.

I have now achieved my 15kgs weight loss milestone during COVID-19!

The amazing team at Bangor have also recognised the need for community spirit to stay strong and provide the added bonus of online group classes to join in on and regular and motivating seminars from the staff to set me up for success. Thank you Vision Bangor!"

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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