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Guy Stevens

Stronger, and 5 kgs lighter

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Client from Caulfield | Trainer: Vahig Seeslian

Guy Stevens_Vahig Seselyan

Guy has been a dedicated member of our gym for over 4 years, consistently demonstrating his commitment to fitness and well-being. As one of our most steadfast members, Guy recently achieved a significant milestone by losing 5kg in just 9 weeks, showcasing his determination and disciplined approach to his fitness goals. Despite facing a recent setback with a tennis elbow injury, Guy’s resilience shone through as he worked tirelessly to rehabilitate it. During this period, he focused on lower-body workouts, ensuring that his progress did not stall. His remarkable recovery and unwavering dedication have rightfully earned him recognition as a client success story within our gym community.

When asked about his health and fitness before joining Vision, Guy shared, "Before I joined Vision, I was quite inconsistent with my workouts and didn’t have a clear direction in terms of my fitness goals. I felt sluggish and lacked the motivation to push myself." Reflecting on his recent training, he highlighted, "The past few months have been incredible".

Achieving my 5kg weight loss goal in 9 weeks was a major highlight, but more importantly, overcoming my tennis elbow injury was a defining moment for me. I focused on my lower body workouts while rehabbing my elbow, which not only kept me on track but also strengthened other areas of my body."

As for the results he has achieved, Guy proudly stated, "I've lost weight, gained muscle, and improved my overall fitness levels. But beyond the physical changes, I've developed a stronger mindset and a resilient attitude towards challenges." To anyone considering joining Vision, Guy enthusiastically recommends, "Do it! The support, community, and expert guidance at Vision have transformed my life. If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals and are ready to commit, Vision is the place for you."

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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