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Gopan Pradhan

"Vision has given me great friends and helped me re-discover myself"
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Blakehurst

Before Gopan Pradhan (before)
After Gopan Pradhan (after)

Being overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low mobility and being called MOTE (fatso) by friends had been a normal life for me. My eating habits were very unhealthy and I binged on food every day without any guilt.

I had tried going to the Gym before but hated it! The "Gym" was an intimidating place, full of huge muscular men lifting massively heavy weights and toned up ladies looking like they know exactly what they were doing. 

My Wife and Dad would constantly request (nag) me to get healthy. So in October last year, just to shut them up, I came to Vision Blakehurst as it was close to my place and had great Google reviews. I started with the goal of losing 10kilos in 9 weeks. Constant support and information from trainers and encouragement from fellow clients kept me motivated to workout regularly. Shopping tours, seminars and information videos have been very helpful. Vision Blakehurst has given me great friends and also helped me re-discover myself. Lifting weights and running the Sutherland to Surf were not something that I had ever thought I was able to do.

My current success has ignited a spark to continue the journey of staying healthy and fit. My Personal Trainers, along with the entire team and community at Vision Blakehurst, have been instrumental in helping me start this journey.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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