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Gina Worthington

"My Personal Trainer gave me the confidence... that enabled me to achieve my goals!"
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Giuseppe Fedele

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After Gina-After

Vision showed me that I could achieve my goals, even when I had thought it not possible.

Through the ongoing support and encouragement of my Personal Trainer, Giuseppe, and the entire team at Vision, I was able to realise that my goals where achievable. I have been struggling for years with achieving results that Vision made possible for me in just 9 weeks.

Giuseppe took the time to listen to my struggles over the years and adopted a program for me that was both realistic and suitable to my lifestyle. Vision made me allow myself to believe that the results I wanted to achieve, were within my reach. I finally had the tools to achieve the results that I had actually give up on. The Vision Bondi Team and the other Members of the Studio, created an environment that allows you to feel motivated and continually encouraged. It is amazing to hear some of the other members experiences, and this added to my motivation and determination to achieve my goals. There is a diverse group of members at Vision, which reinforces that life changing experiences occur all the time. I become motivated to attend group training sessions and educational sessions.

The MyVision app is amazing, as it provides ongoing accountability and support. The Vision's Ready, Set Go book, is a wealth of knowledge and research that I have read several times and still refer to. Of course it goes without saying that my Personal Trainer gave me the confidence and belief I needed, that enabled me to achieve my goals.

So, I can't thank the Vision Team enough, and their amazing members for helping me achieve my results.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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