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Gemma Hillis

Big changes in lifestyle lead to big changes in life
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Client from Stanmore

Gemma Hillis (after)

When Gemma walked into the Studio she was feeling ready to make the change in her lifestyle and achieve the results she was looking for. After almost 12 months Gemma has shown us that consistency and persistence has paid off. Not only has Gemma dropped over 10 kilos, she has moved house and changed jobs. Now that is an AWESOME result.

Her strength and fitness has continued to improve and you can see just how far she has come when she attends the group training sessions on Monday and Wednesday. She gives 100% and this along with tracking her food and keeping a check on the portion size is what will help her continue her fitness journey.

Gemma is off to the UK to visit friends and family this week and I doubt they will recognise her - not just physically but emotionally. She is ready to take on the world, has a training plan to take with her and is excited about her active holiday and exercising with her mum.

Our next goal for Gemma is the Spartan Race in October and another 5-kilo loss when she returns.

For now, enjoy the holiday and spending time with your family. We are so proud of you.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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