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Ellen Ryan

I feel driven to continue living a healthy lifestyle
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Client from Prahran

Before Ellen Ryan (before)
After Ellen Ryan (after)


Before Vision I had never worked out in a gym and never really focused on achieving goals with exercise and healthy eating. I felt I had become quite unfit and needed to make a change.

Through working hard and being encouraged by the team at Vision Prahran, I felt a lot fitter and noticed big changes in my body, losing weight and changing my shape. My diet improved a lot with me eating much healthier food.

Since achieving my goals at Vision Personal Training I feel driven to continue living a healthy lifestyle and setting goals for myself to stay fit and healthy.

During my time at Vision Personal Training I loved that I grew stronger and more confident. It was also a huge achievement that I completed my first ever 10k run with lots of support from the team especially Jesse who was great in encouraging me to keep challenging myself.

For anyone thinking about starting up at Vision Personal Training, I would say it is a great opportunity to get yourself fit and healthy, it will be hard work but totally worth it as you will see big changes within yourself!

Just throw yourself into it and take all the advice and support from the great Personal Trainers at Vision Prahran





*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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