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Danilo Acioli

I now have energy to do the things I love
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Client from Drummoyne

Before Danilo Acioli (before)
After Danilo Acioli (after)

When I started at Vision Personal Training I was overweight and lazy. I would get home after a 10 hour shift, lay on the sofa, open a bottle of wine and spend the night watching TV. I couldn't understand why I kept putting weight on and my energy levels were very low. My life back then would be resumed to sleep, work and drink. I knew that i needed to be more active to be able to run my business effectively but I didn't know how to break the cycle.

The Food Diary is my favourite tool at Vision. We don't give much importance to the food we eat but once you start controlling it, it becomes clear how the food is a big game changer. I learned a lot about food groups, portion size and diet during my first 9 weeks at Vision.

Since joining Vision my approach to life has changed immensely. Now I have much more energy to do the things I love. My business has also improved because I learned to work on it instead of working in it. As an active person, who trains 5 days a week, it feels to me like the days have more hours than ever before. I have time to socialize, even though I don't drink much anymore. Vision not only changed my lifestyle, it kept me motivated to continue to improve the way I live.

My advice? Don't think twice, give Vision a go and you will see results straight away. Usually we can't see what we are doing wrong until someone else with the expertise can point it out to you. The guys at Vision are experts at showing people the right way to live. Vision is not only a gym, their personalised Trainers are great at food, exercise and lifestyle advice.


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