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Danielle Pagano

Vision, thank you for giving me the gift of tools for life!
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Client from Bangor | Trainer: Chris Jovcevski

Before Dani-Before
After Dani-After

Almost 3 years after having my second son I was feeling older (40+) weak with no energy or strength. Working full time in high paced corporate role and looking after my family, I never made time for myself. I walked into Vision over a year ago, but joined the gym down the road instead and got nowhere. I had back and shoulder issues, visits to the physio at times were weekly. I decided if I have time to see a physio once a week for an hour surely, I can make time for me! It got to breaking point and I decided enough is enough… I stalled buying a new car for repairing my body by joining Vision. From September 2020, Vision empowered me to learn about my nutrition, I had been eating too many fats and carbs and not enough protein. This resulted in yoyo weight gain and loss and always snacking. I started with the weight loss program, tracked everything and found time for myself! Before I started, I was moving into a size 14, now I’m a size 10, feeling so much more energy, can piggy back my kids again, hold them and do squats and be able to throw them up in the pool to make a big splash! I love working out 3-4 times a week at the gym and being pushed in my PT Sessions. If I’m not at the gym I’ll go for a walk. Vision, thank you for giving me the gift of tools for life! Supporting me and motivating me. Thanks to the whole team for the smiles, chats and support.

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