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Damian Pederson

I have lost 10kg and feel great.
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Client from Bangor | Trainer: Jack Hyslop

Before Damien-Before
After Damien

I commenced my personal training with Vision in September 2021. I lead a business network and have some significant pressure that runs with my role. I have always used my exercise regime to offset daily stress and let’s face it... to look good! As I have gotten older, this has become harder with poor dieting, finding the time, along with the daily pressures of life. I needed some time for myself to concentrate on my overall health and well-being, being overweight with high blood pressure at the time.

The training programme Vision offered, although daunting at first, was exactly what I needed. The structured sessions and meal tracking provided me with the platform I needed to burnt fat and improve my overall health and wellbeing as well as being held accountable. Teaming up with my trainer Jack Hyslop, has been an absolute blessing. Jack is a dedicated, professional, and friendly trainer that illustrates the right balance of empathy and personal hard-line conversations, when required. I needed both. I needed someone to make me do the exercise and to hold me to account that I was sticking to a healthier eating plan. Jack has delivered this which has driven my results, fast.

To date, I have lost 10kg and feel great. I love the structured sessions and have some fun along the journey. I previously felt tired and cranky at times where the training and weight loss has now provided me with renewed energy, happiness, and improved overall well-being. I look forward to continuing the journey with Jack and the rest of the team. I encourage anyone who is battling the bulge, as you will see in my picture… to take up the challenge. No excuses just get out of bed and attack it.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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