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Craig Tracey

Catching a Curveball & My Journey Back to Success
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Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Max Freeman

Before Craig-Before
After Criag-After

Life can throw a few curve balls at you both high and low. The high ball is easy to catch, carry and decide if you want to run with it or throw it back. The low balls aren’t quite the same. Some of them are uncatchable and are really difficult to deal with and by the time you get a hold to them you’re sometimes feeling pretty average about yourself. I got thrown a low ball about 6 years back. I turned to alcohol and took up a few other habits I was not proud of. It took a hold of my life. Fortunately for me I still had opportunity to changes things for the good.

I was fortunate to be put in contact with Studio Owner, Max Freeman 2 year ago who helped me and some friends with an exercise program. This got the ball rolling and opened my mind to how I good it feels to be active. Being a local of Bondi Junction I decided to explore going the next step. I met the team at Vision and Max asked me some questions that got me really thinking about what I wanted to achieve and challenged my mindset on a few things.

After some contemplation, I made the decision I was ready to commit to going the next step to achieve some big goals and transform my lifestyle. I walked into Bondi Junction Studio 18 weeks ago weighing almost 100kg. I have now lost 12kg and I can honestly say that without the team at Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction I wouldn’t have been able to do it I have learnt so much about nutrition, training and what, when and how to get yourself back in order.

The main this has been the unwavering support of this team and all the trainers- Max, Giuseppe, Conor, Tania, Sonia, Natalia and Martin are all amazing and make me feel welcome in 1 on 1 sessions and groups and every-time I just walk in the front door. If Max didn't haggle me to walk in doors of Vision who knows where or what I'd be doing. I have nothing but praise and thanks to all team at Vision for ongoing support encouragement they have given me.

Looking back I’ve realised it's how you react and bounce back to the low balls that get thrown at you that truly defines your character. For that I am a proud man and hold my head high, and walk through doors thinking about the opportunities I can take on the other side.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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