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Christine Ann Brown

Over 13 Kilograms
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Client from Bangor

Before Christine Ann Brown (before)
After Christine Ann Brown (after)


I commenced my journey with Vision Personal Training after receiving a pamphlet in the letter box. I needed to lose weight but I had convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen. My major problem was chronic lower back pain which was robbing me of my ability to do even the easiest of tasks. I had tried all other avenues of treatment and therapy, none with any lasting effect. It was my last resort.
Applying what I was learning about nutrition the kgs began shredding. The well planned weights and exercise program diminished pain levels and I gradually regained my good physical function. Weight loss was a welcomed bonus as was my blood pressure returning to normal with no need for medication.
I am now fit, healthy, and pain free. Exercise was always a big part of my life, but when I started with Vision, I could not walk up a slight incline or more than 30 meters without stopping due to debilitating pain. Now I can walk, run, cycle, swim, and enjoy group training sessions.
My life is full again thanks to my Trainers, and thanks to the support and encouragement from the Vision Personal Training Team.

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