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Camille Drury

I feel proud in a bikini!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Before Camille Drury (before)
After Camille Drury (after)

For me, finding the words to correctly convey how much Vision Personal Training has greatly impacted, and continues to impact my daily life four years on, is extremely difficult.

Before starting Vision, I couldn't remember a time in which I was truly happy and proud within myself. The idea of looking in the mirror and being confident and content when heading out with friends was a foreign concept to me. After years of avoiding the beach, searching for 'slimming' clothes, and spending too many years going up and down with diets and exercise, I finally decided that I'd had enough. I knew I deserved better.

Having never joined a gym, let alone ever having a Personal Trainer, I was daunted but excited by the positive changes ahead. I started at Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction at the beginning of a 9 Week Weight Loss Challenge and decided to simply make my goals a top priority. Supported by the incredible team at Vision Bondi Junction, I embraced the Vision program, renewed my love of sport and truly committed to the lifestyle change. Nine weeks passed and I lost 10kgs. 2 months later I finally achieved my overall goal of losing 15kgs. At the end I achieved my goal of feeling confident and proud in my bikini in Miami! I felt elated.

Four years on, I've maintained my weight and I'm still addicted to Vision and their wonderful training program. I feel blessed by the support of the Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction team. Currently, my involvement with Vision has developed beyond weight loss. My Trainer not only ensures I hit my fitness goals, but truly goes above and beyond in helping me manage my overall health and wellbeing. 

It gives me great pleasure to know that my weight loss success has also encouraged 11 of my friends to follow the same path.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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