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Beth K

I am now happy with my weight loss and I am focusing on a happier, healthier life style and fitness level
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Client from Bangor

Before Beth K (before)
After Beth K (after)

From the first day I started training in January 2014 my hope was to lose weight for my daughter's wedding in the October. I had no amount in mind, I just wanted to lose something, anything, as the kilos had "snuck on" over the last ten years or so!

I was encouraged to start with a 5kg goal. I never envisaged the possibility of being able to achieve a weight loss of 5kg let alone a total weight loss of 18kg plus by June 2014.

Both my Personal Trainers supported and motivated me with my training and food diary. My Trainer has encouraged me to push myself outside my comfort zone. I attend most of the group sessions and I have recently attended Run Club. As my weight shed, and my fitness level improved, I have been able to complete two Oatley Fun Runs, the last Sutherland to Surf and survived the sand dunes at Kurnell.

I am now happy with my weight loss and I am focusing on a happier, healthier life style and fitness level. The whole Vision Bangor team are fantastic, they make it such a happy, friendly and comfortable environment that I miss it when I cannot get to the Studio and group training sessions. I am also very fortunate to have made friends with many of the other clients in our group training classes meeting regularly for lunch and dinner.

I am totally amazed and very pleased with the weight loss I have achieved as are my family and friends. I was concerned that I would not be able to maintain the weight loss and continue with my healthy eating habits however, now that I am in a routine, my healthy eating habits and better lifestyle come naturally.

I feel so much healthier and happier - Thank you Vision Personal Training Bangor 



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