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Belinda Ellis

15kgs Lost and 10km Melbourne Marathon completed!
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Client from Prahran | Trainer: Luke Sullivan


Tell me about your life before Vision.

A series of personal knockdowns had taken their toll on my physical, mental and emotional health. My reality at the time was that my self worth had diminished and as a consequence, my physical health was being neglected. Relying on alcohol and food to control the chaos.

What results have you achieved?

Since joining Vision and working with Luke, I have been guided to return to the person I once was. Losing 15kg through weight training, cardio and nutrition education. My fitness levels have increased considerably. My strength and core balance have improved, and my confidence has returned.

How has life changed for you?

I am now completely driven to maintain self-care and it has impacted every aspect of my life. Most importantly job performance and relationships.

What is your favourite thing about training at Vision?

Training with Vision feels like the family I always needed. The support from Luke and every single member of the team has provided me with a safe place to discover my capabilities.

What are some defining moments during your journey?

Realising the true importance of Nutrition. Experiencing and accepting support. Returning to running after back surgery.

What advice would you give to someone in a similar situation to where you were who is thinking about making a change?

The most important person that deserves your attention is you. It is not an easy task to achieve this when you have been constantly knocked down.

Upon meeting Luke, I was asked what I needed from him as a PT and why I had sought this form of assistance. After sharing my stories, my vulnerabilities and desire for change, Luke has provided me with a level of support I was yet to experience - never wavering.

It is true that I have done the work - but without the constant support and dedication to assist with struggles and the enthusiasm to produce results, I am certain I would not have achieved the same probability.

It has been a true team effort - resulting in a restored faith in human connection and a reverence for the Vision community.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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