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Ashleigh Davis

Lost 15kg and feels healthy, fit, strong and confident!
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Client from Bangor | Trainer: Harry Bendtsen

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10 months ago, in 2020, I got in touch with Chris at Vision Bangor in hopes that he would be able to help me to develop healthier habits and lifestyle choices. Weight had crept up on me, I hated the way I looked, I could barely walk around the block and I constantly felt sluggish and irritable. I had just been asked to be my brother's bridesmaid and I wanted to feel confident on his special day - the only thing in my way was that we were in the beginning stages of a worldwide pandemic and gyms had closed down. The day I met Chris, we hardly discussed weight loss as a goal, for a few reasons; I had many failed attempts prior, I had chronic hip and back pain (and had recently had a second hip operation) and I truly didn't believe I was going to succeed. I was paired with Harry and for the first two months of my journey, we trained online doing 2x personal training sessions and group classes via zoom each week. I followed my macronutrient goals strictly and consistently and looked forward to training each day. I was slowly building habits that made me feel good and I quickly started noticing changes on the scales, losing 5kg in my first 9 weeks. When gyms opened, I finally got to meet Harry, my trainer face to face, as well as other clients and trainers from Vision Bangor and it felt even more welcoming and supportive than what it did online. I remained consistent with my approach and talked openly and honestly with Harry about my progress over the coming months, developing my goals as I got fitter and stronger. I hit a few major milestones, losing 10kgs and then 15kgs not long after that. My brother's wedding went ahead and I was able to celebrate my hard work, feeling confident within myself. More recently, I have jumped back in the water and completed a few ocean swims, which is something I never anticipated or thought I could do again. Vision Bangor, Harry and the rest of the team, have worked with me day in and day out, to the point of where I am at today, which is healthy, fit, strong and confident enough to challenge myself. At each point of my journey, I have truly felt supported, which has made this such an incredible and fun ride. I look forward to continuing my lifestyle change and will forever be grateful for that initial chat with Chris.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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