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Angela White

Encouragement & support keeps me MOTIVATED !
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Client from Bondi Junction

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I gave up smoking 6 years ago, and coupled with a job that involved lots of travel and entertaining, my weight ballooned. I realised I had to do something when I could hardly get the seatbelt on the plane around me, and I got out of breath bending to put socks on.

I started to calorie count and eat smaller portions and walked and walked. I was too embarrassed to go to a gym. My weight went up and down and could never keep the weight off or get myself motivated to stick to a diet. Then I saw a Facebook post from my friend Hannah that mentioned Vision Personal Training, and I made the call. I have never looked back. I have been made to feel welcome from my first visit, and treated with nothing but respect and understanding. The encouragement, support and kindness shown to me by all of the Trainers and other clients has motivated me to keep going and try new things. I have never felt embarrassed or out of place at Vision. I attended all the seminars and began to understand the other changes I had to make in my life to lose weight and become fitter.

With the weight and cardio training, the encouragement and coaching, and the correct nutrition, I have gradually lost weight over the 18 months that I have been at Vison, and my total weight loss since joining is 15kg, coupled with what I lost before I joined I've lost over 22kg. I have changed my entire lifestyle. I have changed what I eat, when I eat and why I eat. I build my days around my training, and even pick hotels when I am interstate based on the gym.

I completed my first 5km fun run a few weeks ago, and this weekend completed my first ever Run Club, running 6km - the farthest I have ever run in my life. Every step of the return leg of that run I wanted to say "hang on, let me walk a minute" but the words never left my mouth because of the constant encouragement from Chris and Dawn. I feel incredibly proud of what I have achieved, and thankful to the Vison Team at Bondi Junction that have never wavered in their support. I love spending time at Vision, I love the welcome I get every time I walk in, I love the focused and friendly environment, I love the camaraderie and the laughs. I feel happy, energetic and full of beans, and fitter than when I was in my 20's. I feel amazing! You guys helped me change my life. Thank you!

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