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Andi Gannaway

Hitting the Reset Button!
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Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Sonia Gargaglione

Before Andi-Before
After Andi-After

It was the first lockdown in 2020 that changed everything for me. Before, I was a fit, dedicated outdoors woman that could climb any mountain and conquer any river or sea I chose. Then my whole world shrunk to the 58 square meter apartment I shared with my partner. I had the perfect excuses to indulge in treats like chocolate puddings and nice bottles of wine, and I absolutely did, with gusto!

When restrictions eased, things weren’t quite the same. I was now gasping for air walking to the bus stop. I had put on eight kilos and was struggling, no doubt about it. So, with my partner cheering me on, I stuck up an ad for “PTs near me”, and Max invited me down to the Vision Bondi Junction gym to meet Sonia.

From day one, no more excuses. Sonia has been brilliant, helping me hit the reset button on all those bad habits and pushing me to keep working hard, just one more pushup! Now we’re back in lockdown, I have the same pressures and challenges but this time I’ve got an incredible team behind me and so much more to look forward to. It’s only the beginning and I can’t wait for the rest of what 2021 has to throw at me, bring it on!

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