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Anastasia Trifonopoulous

Even after losing 10kg, I couldn't believe how much I was eating and how much energy I had!
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Client from Prahran

Anastasia Trifonopoulous (after)

Tell me about your life before Vision?

My life before Vision was lots of yo-yo dieting. The cycle would be: restrict calories and entire food groups, complimented by an endless, unsustainable amount of cardio. This would lead to initial weight loss, I would eventually get fed up with the cravings and being hungry and too tired to exercise and I would end up binge eating and give up.

I was also getting into a viscous cycle of snacking and having a drink whilst cooking dinner after work each night (then having dinner on top of that!) to try and de-stress from the day at work and the drive home. I realise now, I was not eating enough between lunch and dinner.


What results have you achieved?

- Lost ten kilos

- Visceral fat decrease from level 9 to level 3

- Bio Age decrease by 5 years

- Body fat composition from 31% to 22%

- Total fat mass from 22kg to 13kg


How has life changed for you?

With Vision, I have learnt food is important! I have learnt to count macros. This has taught me a lot about portions and ratios of carbs, proteins and fats, instead of cutting these groups out entirely. I am still amazed at how much food I am eating. This has led to weight loss whilst maintaining my energy so I could still exercise and get through the day. I have more energy for my kids, sleep better and feel much better overall. My body shape has also changed with weight training.


What is your favourite thing about training at Vision?

- Friendly staff and clients, that make you feel a part of a community.

- My trainer Blake has been brilliant. The information and guidance he provides me is invaluable. He has provided guidance for a sore knee, and guided me to use proper technique when preforming squats or lunges as well as exercises and stretches without any pain. In the past I would give up thinking I had injured myself. He has researched and provided advice about exercises that are OK to perform for Diastasis Rectus (separation of stomach muscles after pregnancy that did not heal). It has not healed, but has helped strengthen and tighten this area. He has always shared information about different food choices (for variety).


What are some defining moments during your journey?

- First 'aha' moment was initial month of weigh-ins when I was losing weight, eating more food than I ever have (just better food) and not exhausting myself on a cardio cycle.

- About two months in I was bathing the kids and my 4.5-year-old son turned to me and said 'mummy, I love your new strength'. When I quizzed him about what that meant, he said he liked the new shape of my arms and shoulders and I how I had more energy to play.

- Realizing my new energy levels myself and my strength when picking up my children.


What advice would you give someone in a similar situation to where you were, and thinking about making a change?

Make the change! With Vision, I have gained so much. I have lost over 10kgs with losing minimal muscle mass, I have gained energy and strength. Most importantly, I have learnt to eat well and lose weight - I can honestly say I was never hungry and the kg's kept coming off.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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