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Amanda Burwood

14minute Half Marathon PB and 4kg down!
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Client from Bondi Junction

Amanda Burwood (after)
Well I've just finished the Blackmores Half Marathon and improved my personal best time by 14 minutes in 3 months.  I'm feeling incredibly proud of what I just accomplished. Surprised actually at what my body can do!
I've been running for a few years now but never really improved on my time to the point I just thought I'd reached the best my body could do and was happy with that. Since joining Vision Bondi Junction Chris believed I could improve with focus on mobility and strength and over the last few months put a lot of focus on this, as well as my nutrition. I also attended the run club with Max which pushed me to run faster than I do on my own. It's also fun to run with other people from the gym but no pressure on what run fitness level you are at. 
The achievement has actually improved my confidence and changed my mindset that I can actually improve my fitness goals through consistent focus on things I sometimes leave out of my exercise routine. Along the way I've also lost 4 kilos through focus on nutrition. I'm someone who loves good food, wine and socialising and don't want to miss out on that but with constant chats with Chris about how to work better nutrition into a social lifestyle and stressful job I've been able to take weight off through moderation, tracking macros and a focus just not on weight loss but how I feel mentally and physically. 
Vision had been great for me. The trainers are so friendly and unlike other gyms you feel part of a community or trainers and clients who care about your results. I'm now excited about my next running event and how much I can improve next! 


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