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Alberto Madrid

I finally found my community and continue training during COVID lockdown with more big goals to achieve.
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Bondi Junction | Trainer: Tania Drahonchuk

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After Alberto-After

After many failed attempts trying to be consistent attending to different gyms, I decided to give Vision PT Bondi Junction a try. I joined in mid-June and I got Tania assigned as my PT. I remembered thinking to myself "how is this 5’ tall woman going to make me work out hard and reach my limits?" And, oh boy, from the very first point of contact during our goals session I knew then she was going to be 100% what I needed.

We started the initial 9-week period and session after session she motivated and pushed me hard to achieve my goals. She made sure I was tracking food and doing my ‘homework’ every day and 9 weeks later I was feeling better than ever and with 7kg down!

Then, the 9-week Challenge started, perfect timing, and we went hard on it! I remembered that Tania told me: “If you follow my advice and work hard, I’ll get you a 6-pack” …and I did! I was extremely happy with my performance and results over the Challenge and this is because Tania was week after week making the right adjustments to the program and always making sure to get the right technique while trying to score new personal bests at the same time, it felt amazing.

After this, team Vision Personal Training Bondi Junction has made sure to keep me “on my toes”  extra PT sessions and group classes, motivation when needed, nutritional advice on seminars and shopping tours, sending me text reminders even over the weekends to always keep me on track… I finally found my gang and continue training during COVID lockdown with more big goals to achieve.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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