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Adriana Sugunananthan

I reduced my body fat by 20%, and became a great role model for my kids!
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Client from Brighton

Before Adriana Sugunananthan (before)
After Adriana Sugunananthan (after)


Tell me about your life before Vision?

I was always a chubby kid, overweight during my teens and after having 4 kids I doubted that I would ever beat the battle of the bulge!

About 5 years ago, I found myself hating our permanent move to Melbourne and was feeling at my lowest about my weight. Rather than eating more chocolate I decided to get active instead. I bought a bike and started cycling as well as going on long walks several times a week. I also started to watch what I was eating and after a couple of years I managed to drop 10kg. I still needed to lose at least another 10kg but for the next few years I couldn't shift any! I was stuck and fluctuating around 70kg. That's until i was introduced to Vision Personal Training.


What results have you achieved so far?

Since joining Vision I have lost 12kg, 20% body fat and 47cm off my body measurements. The most unexpected outcome for me has been the boost in confidence in my physical ability. I never played team sports as a kid. I felt too self conscious and intimidated. I have now started playing women's social soccer with my local club. I feel that I am making up for missed opportunities as a kid and it's absolutely thrilling. My kids and husband are really proud of me too!


How has life changed for you?

I am the fittest and strongest I have ever been. I have a lot more energy to keep up with my kids. In regards to food and exercise I feel that I am now a better role model. Previously I would preach to them about making good food choices but then would find myself in the pantry eating the wrong stuff because I was stressed. I am also constantly telling my kids that they need to work hard and strive for what they want to achieve. They have now watched their mum conquer her life long battle with weight and it feels amazing to have put my words into action!


What is your favourite thing about Vision?

There are two things, firstly the support and guidance from my Trainer and secondly the group sessions.

Vinay has been a rock for me from day one. I have learnt so much from him and he always pushes me to achieve more each week. His positive words of encouragement give me a great deal of mental strength "you've got this, you can do it, don't doubt yourself". It's such a powerful thing when someone believes in you.

Sharing my experience and journey with other clients as well as getting to know the other Trainers through the group sessions has made it easy and unintimidating to come to the studio. It's a fun and supportive environment and I'm constantly inspired by the achievements of others.


What advice would you give someone in a similar situation to where you were, and is thinking about making a change?

It's never too late, I always thought I wasn't able to do this, as age would be a limiting factor. It's amazing what you can actually achieve when you give it a go, I've actually now got muscles! It just takes experts with knowledge to be able to guide you no matter what your setbacks. It's not just about exercise, educate yourself on nutrition, this is the most important thing I've learned.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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