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Goals FAQ's

How do I change “This Weeks Goal”?

This weeks goal cannot be edited in MyVision. This is set on a weekly basis during your sessions with your Personal Trainer. Please discuss with your Personal Trainer if you wish to change your weekly goals. The changes will automatically be updated on MyVision. However, you can add a personal goal, simply by clicking on “Add Weekly Goal” located on the goals page and under self-set goals.

I cannot see my progress to date under training and/or food?

Check that you have tracked your activities and meals. If they have not been tracked, simply track them and your progress will appear on the goals page.

Can I set my own personal goals for the week?

In addition to the weekly goals that is set during your personal training sessions, you can self-set your own personal goals on MyVision. Simply “Add Weekly Goal” and type in your goal.

How do I track my self-set goals?

Upon completion of your self-set goal, simply tick off the goal and an animation of confetti will appear on the screen.