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Activity FAQ's

Can I view the activities I planned and/or completed from the previous weeks?

Yes, on the Activity Diary page simply click on the back arrow located next to the date range to find the dates you wish to review.

Can I plan my activities for the week(s) ahead?

Yes, under Activity Diary simply click on the forward arrow next to the date range to find the dates you wish to plan for and “add activity”.

Can I change the targets set in my Activity Diary?

Your cardio and weight targets have been set by your Personal Trainer during your Goal Session. If you wish to change the targets, please discuss this with your Personal Trainer during your next session. Any changes will be automatically reflected in MyVision upon your next login.

The details of the activities pre-set by my Personal Trainer is incorrect, how do I edit it?

You can edit the activity type (PT/Self/Studio), intensity (Low-Med/Hard), duration and whether it will be completed AM or PM. Simply click on the activity you would like to edit and the above options will appear.

How do I delete activities from the diary?

To delete an activity, click on ‘Edit’, which is located in the top right-hand corner of the Activity Diary page. Scroll through the week(s) and hit the red minus button to remove any unwanted activities.

I have completed my PT session recently but my activity progress in MyVision has not changed.

Upon completion of your personal training session(s) they will be tracked automatically. If they are not marked as complete, please contact your Trainer and or Studio to ensure the update has been made.

How do I add activities?

Under the date you wish to add an activity, hit “add activity”. You can then select from a range of cardio exercises or cardio challenges.

How do I start a Cardio Challenge?

After adding The Cardio Challenges to your activity diary, click on the challenge you wish to complete. Before hitting the “Start Challenge” button, ensure you have read the instructions. A challenge scheduled in the future cannot be started.  

Do I need specific equipment to complete the Cardio Challenges?

Details on what, if any, equipment is required to complete the Cardio Challenges can be found by clicking on your selected challenge. The equipment is listed under ‘Exercise’.

When I add a Cardio Challenge to my activity diary can I select a challenge based on level of difficulty?

Yes. When you add a Cardio Challenge, click “settings” located at the top of the page. Select manage challenges, then manage level of difficulty, then click on the level you prefer (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and then hit the back arrow button. The list of challenges will then appear as per your preferred level of difficulty.

Can I search by category or do I need to scroll through all the challenges to locate what I am after?

Challenges can be filtered by category – Fat Burners, Energy Burners, Destinations, Strength Enduro or Body Weight. Simply click on the filter icon located next to the search function, then select the category you wish to view. You can select one or multiple categories.

Why is there always one challenge highlighted in a red box?

Each week, there is a Challenge of the Week that everyone can complete together. These are chosen by Vision and highlighted at the top of the page. App users will receive a notification when a new challenge of the week is launched.

Do the “Other” activities in Cardio Exercises contribute to my weekly activity goals?

All activities listed as ‘Other’ within the 'Cardio Exercises' category will not contribute to a user's activity goals. Users can add the 'Other' activities and track them as being completed but the time and effort associated with them will not contribute to one's weekly activity goals. The ‘Other’ activities are not considered as core activities that will help users reach their health and fitness goals