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Wild walks and workouts

Lacking motivation? Sometimes all you need is to take your workout out into nature to get a spring back in your step. Read Vision PT article here.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jo Hurst at Stanmore

Walking is a great way to get your low to moderate cardio in. Just the idea of going outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the view, the smells and the amazing wildlife you may see

Around Sydney we have so many places to explore from Otford to Bundeena in the South to Bobbin Head and Palm Beach Lighthouse in the north. There are National Parks, coastal paths and local bush areas all over the metropolitan area.

Walking home from the city or a part of your daily commute is a great way to end the stressful day. Instead of sitting in the terrible Sydney traffic getting frustrated in your car or jam packed on a train or bus it's very satisfying to head home on foot and can sometimes be quicker. You don't need to stay on the main roads, in fact the back streets and quiet roads are nice to head down and discover your neighbourhood.

You have probably heard of people talking about these great popular walks making them sound truly spectacular - well they are. Set aside a Sunday once a month and find a walk to do. It really doesn't take much to get organised and with most of them in quite urban locations you won't be far form a latte and lunch

All you need is a small backpack with the basics

Water bottle and snacks

Sunscreen and Hat

Money and opal card



Some of my favourite walks around Sydney that you can start with include


Grays Point to Audley walk - 8km return

Wedding cake rock 6km return from Bundeena

Bondi to Bronte 5kms return

Manly to the Spit Bridge - 10kms one way

Bay Run at Drummoyne - 7 km loop

Coast track Otford to Bundeena - 26kms full day

Across the Harbour Bridge and around the Botanic Gardens - 5km return


Happy walking everyone

Feel free to add your own favourites to the list

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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