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Why we need to drink more water?

How much water do you drink in a day? In this Vision PT article, we discuss why it's important to be drinking more water on a daily basis.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Ivan Valcarcel at Brookvale

I wanted to talk about is water and how important it is to maintain a healthy body What happens if you go without calcium for a week? You may get white bits on your fingers nails... What happens if you go without water for a week? You drop dead. That's right, DEAD! . That should give you an idea of how important water is for us! So why is water so important? For a few reasons really. The human body typically consists of between 60% and 75% water. In the body, water's responsibilities include removing waste material from the body and moving other nutrients around the body. It also keeps your body temperature correct, for example the loss of water from the body (sweating) is the body's way of keeping you cool. How much water do I need? The average human adult needs AT LEAST 8 glasses of water per day, but a lot more water is recommended. There is no stereotype person. Some people will need less than 8 glasses, some will need more, but on average, you probably need more. It's easy to tell if you are drinking enough water, by the colour of your urine. If it's dark, then you need to increase your water consumption. If it's clear, then you're drinking plenty. Sorry for that, but it's pretty important. Especially for us that are training a lot. When should I drink? All the time! Thirst is your bodies' way of telling you that it needs rehydrating, but you should really not get to the stage when you are thirsty. Drink as often as you can. Also, if you do feel thirsty, drink lots - not just enough to wet the inside of your mouth. You should also drink water before, during and after exercise. You should start drinking more water about 2 hours before you exercise (bearing in mind that your body can only absorb 1 glass of water every 20 minutes) and keep drinking right up until you exercise. Whilst exercising, sip water every few minutes. I drink water between every set. DO NOT wait until the end of your exercise period and then gulp down lots of water as this is not good for you. So in summary just keep drinking all the time, take a water bottle to work and sip away all day, at least 8 glasses a day or 2 litres even more so if we are all exercising, (which we all are)

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