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Why Walk?

Why walk? In this Vision Personal Training article, our experts share why walking as part of your exercise program can assist in effective results.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Jo Hurst at Stanmore

From the moment we are born we use our "stepping reflex". It is the movement our legs make that simulates walking - it's just at that moment we don't have the muscle development to hold ourselves upright to actually take our first steps - that comes in the next 12 -18 months and from that moment we are on the go.

Why is walking so good for us? These top reasons will have you heading out the door on a daily basis enjoying what is around you.

  1. Great for the body, walking is the simplest form of active movement. We are born to walk and we are good at it. We do it on a daily basis to get around our house, our neighbourhood and in everyday living.
  2. Easy and convenient. Throw on some shoes, grab your phone and a hat and you're away. You don't need fancy gear or expensive equipment.
  3. Relaxing and stress free from wandering through to powerwalking every need is catered for. Some people find it enjoyable to meander around the neighbourhood or local oval whereas others are happiest strutting their steps at a fast pace and tracking their progress, heartrate and energy expended each time they leave the house. Either way it provides us with down time to observe, listen and enjoy time away from the house, family and work
  4. Low impact exercise is gentle on the joints and heartrate - you will increase your heartrate but only to a moderate level - walking means you can talk so it's very social and a great opportunity to catch up with a friend instead of having cake and coffee
  5. Burns calories, with our sedentary lifestyle and hours spent behind a desk at work or stuck in traffic we need time to counteract this and walking is the perfect remedy. Taking your lunch break outside and walking around is a great energy booster for work and provide you with a great afternoon of productivity just doing 30 minutes.
  6. Enhances coordination, walking is fantastic way of increasing and maintaining coordination. As we age our muscles weaken along with eyesight, spatial awareness and bone density, walking is a great way to ensure these are maintained for longer.
  7. Fun for your family, take time outdoors this weekend with a play at the park and whilst the family are happy you can be actively walking around and staying active. Your children can cycle while you walk and together you will be setting good routines and habits for the future.
  8. Improvements are easy to track, even if you start with 10 minutes a day before long you will increase it to 20, then 30 etc. You will also notice you can walk faster and further so your distance will improve and all the benefits of walking will in turn continue to reap rewards for you. Most people have a smart phone these days with a basic step counter on them to track your movements, you can also upgrade with some fantastic gadgets and apps to help you
  9. Social and adventurous, finding a walking group or a friend will also make your walks more fun and interesting. There are walk groups for every level in your community from rehab walking groups run through hospitals, to Vision Personal training studios having their regular walk session. There are also walk groups that walk longer distances, bushwalking groups, walking events and of course those of us who are adventurous enough to take on the Kokoda Track or tackle the Carmino De Santiago.

With so many benefits and so many options at your doorstep let's get out there and go for a walk. What are you waiting for?



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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