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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

The Region Beta Paradox Explained

By Conor McCreesh, Personal Trainer at Prahran

Do you wait until you hit rock bottom before you make a change to your life? This might look like getting a health scare, feeling unfit, overweight, potentially depressed. Overall, you feel unhappy with your current life and routine. Does this sound like you? 

The question is why wait until then? Why wait until you hit rock bottom. If you took action beforehand, this would prevent you from hitting what feels like rock bottom. 

This does not only apply to your health and fitness but all aspects of your life, including work, relationships, physical and mental health. We get trapped in a “comfortably numb” mindset known as the Region Beta Paradox.

Region Beta Paradox






This is when things aren't good or bad enough to make a change, we then get trapped in the middle where we are going through life on autopilot, when we know we need to make a positive change to our lives but don't. A person will stay in this mild discomfort and only change when things change to intense discomfort.

It sounds crazy but we are sometimes better off when things are absolutely terrible as that's the point at which we make a change. We are better off being very unhealthy and recognising we need to change, as then we will make positive changes to our life and be quicker to feeling great, happy and healthy again.

Whereas when you are sitting between not too healthy or not too unhealthy either. You find yourself saying things like:

  • “I could lose some weight but am not that overweight YET."
  • “I could gain some muscle but I haven't lost all my strength YET.”
  • “I feel bad about myself but I don't feel terrible YET.”

This constant pushing your health to the side is eventually going to make you hit rock bottom. Make a change before you get there as the road back to being happy and healthy will be longer the more you neglect your need to change. Get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

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