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What not to do when trying to get a result

I do not believe Summer bodies are made in winter.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By James Tampion at Lane Cove

I do not believe Summer bodies are made in winter.

I believe summer bodies are made when you decide to change your habits and mindset. You most likely know what to do when it comes to getting a result. So here is a list of things you need to NOT do to get yourself on track.


Stop starting on Monday


Monday is not magical, nor does it mean you're more likely to adhere to any type of diet. Start now, like right now. Put down that mal-nutritious microwaved meal and make a meal that votes for the person you wish to become. 


Stop telling yourself you cannot do it


Reality is you can, but only if you tell yourself you can. I can do it, i can do it, i can do it.... how do you feel?? better right? Now go do that run you said you cannot do. If you cannot run, walk.


Stop self-sabotaging


One bad meal does not make you a bad person. Stop beating yourself up for a few beers on the weekend or a pizza on a Sunday. Remember your just one decent meal from being back on track, accept that you enjoyed the weekend and get on with it.


Stop surrounding yourself with people who do not care about health


They are not helping; chances are they are probably helping you create unhealthy habits. Surround yourself with people who have been in your shoes and achieved what you want to achieve. Being in a healthy environment will rub off on you and before you know it you will be feeling good in no time.


Stop trying to be motivated all the time


Motivation is overrated and environment often matters more. Turn your environment into your motivation, find somewhere fun and exciting to exercise, a place that cares about you and somewhere with like minded people who will push you to never give up. 


Yours in health 


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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