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What Makes A Good Role Model?

What makes a good role model? In this Vision Personal Training article, our experts share what makes a good role model. Click here to read more.
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Weight Loss Articles

By James Edson at Darlinghurst

We often hear the phrase 'you should never compare yourself to others'. However, if we don't compare ourselves to others we will never have an idea of what is possible. Of course comparing your work to that of another person can be downright depressing and demotivating. But of course it depends what you're learning from it. A constructive comparison is not reading "Twenty Things That All Millionaires Do". It is looking at someone who has been in a similar situation to you, analysing what they have done and applying what you can to your situation, not trying to duplicate something that is out of your reach.  


The people that seek my help are unhappy with the way they look and feel. They look to me to help motivate them with a realistic exercise and nutritional plan that is specifically tailored for their needs to enable them to become satisfied and confident in their own skin. I often ask clients when I first meet them who they aspire to and who they get inspiration from. Often they are celebrities or well known public figures, but are they really the right people we really should be looking to for inspiration? 


Ask yourself this; 


Is the person with the biggest following on social media always going to be the most knowledgeable? Or is someone being paid to make posts for them? 


Is the girl who's always been known for her skinny waist and good legs going to give the best advice on how to lose stomach fat? Or is the girl who used to be 15 kilos heavier but lost it through dedicating herself to a healthier lifestyle, going to be the best person to speak to? 


A good role model should be someone you can relate to, someone who has shown tenacity and determination to work hard to improve their situation.

They could have started where you are and now be where you want to be, or at least be on their way there. A role model doesn't have to be someone famous, in fact the closer they are to you the easier it is to apply their achievements to your life.   

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