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Vision Ponsonby's Dining Out Guide

We have eaten our way up and down Ponsonby Road and can recommend the following menu items as good options.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Deni Curtis at Ponsonby

We have eaten our way up and down Ponsonby Road and can recommend the following menu items as good options to include in your nutrition plans when eating out.

Our top picks for Ponsonby Road are TORU and BOY & BIRD as they were super cooperative and open to allowing modifications to their menus. They've even created some secret menu options just for us. 

Toru (Secret Menu Item - created just for us!)
Ask for the Egg White Omelette with Bacon (the Deni Special). This is quite a substantial meal, and a good choice for an accelerator day. It is served with leafy salad and cucumber. It can be served for breakfast or lunch.

Boy & Bird
Chilli satay chicken arms w bean sprouts and lime

1/4 bird or box - with no potatoes is preferred. Swap them for extra pickled white coleslaw, courgette side or green leaf mix.

Char Grilled Calamari
Seared rare Tuna Salad

Free Range Chicken Breast in Italian Herb Rub
Angus Pure Eye Fillet

Sautéed Beans
SPQR Herb and Garden Salad
Pita Pit
You can customise a salad. We recommend adding chicken to the salad. The best options for dressings are either the tzatziki or hommus.

As a Vision Personal Training Client, you will receive a FREE DRINK with your salad order. Simply present your Vision Key tag when ordering. Vision Key Tags can be collected from the front desk. 

Burger Burger
Beef Bunnuce Burger ( Lettuce Leaf burger)

Charred Broccoli

Bird on a Wire
Rotisserie Chicken (remove the skin) and a side salad

Burger Fuel
Low Carborator Burger ( Burger made with lettuce leaf rather than a bun )

Chicken Fenders

Mekong Baby
Kingfish Sashimi, Green Nam Jim

300gr Grilled Black Angus Sirloin, Eggplant, Spicy Dip Coconut and Basil

Smashed Green Papaya, Roasted Red Chilli, Peanuts, Snake Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Lime
Steamed Kai Lan, Sesame Seeds, Ginger, Oyster Sauce
Blue Breeze Inn
Fish of the Day
Cured Salmon and Raw vegetable Salad

Stir Fried Bok Choy
Carpaccio Di Manzo
Wagyu beef, aged balsamic, truffle salt, monte vecchio, micro cress

Salad greens, cucumber ribbons, crunchy bean sprouts, fresh herbs, spring onion, celery hearts, tomato, chardonnay vinegar, olive oil

Filetto chargrilled eye fillet, with port wine jus (ask for seasonal vegetables rather than polenta to be served with eye fillet)

Ponsonby Road Bistro
Market Fish and Spanish Tomato Salad

Le Vietnamese Kitchen
Coconut Prawns
Chicken Skewers
Vietnamese Chicken Salad

Orphan Kitchen
Line caught market fish, roast cauliflower, red cabbage, olive

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